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Some important notices

Short courses are administered in student intakes starting every two months. The 2021 intake schedule is as follows:

Intake 1:
Intake starts: 15 February 2021
Registration deadline: 01 February 2021
Intake 2:
Intake starts: 17 May 2021
Registration deadline: 03 May 2021
Intake 3:
Intake starts: 16 August 2021
Registration deadline: 02 August 2021
Intake 4:
Intake starts: 18 October 2021
Registration deadline: 04 October 2021


Distance learning with textbooks and online support

Teaching and learning support from specialised tutors

Study material is emailed. That is e-books and assignments

SHORT COURSES Admission Requirements

Grade 9
At least 16 years of age
Proficient in English
Alternate admission is possible on the basis of Mature Age exemption (23 years and older)

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